Farr Law Firm is excited to partner with Retirement & Medicare Together to serve the Medicare needs of our clients.

We are working with Retirement & Medicare Together because of their knowledge, experience, and dedication to client service.

Why review your Medicare health plan every year?

$2,552 average annual savings per client on medications...

Your plan may make changes to how they cover the medications you are taking. That could cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

Doctors change networks without telling patients...

Not only could your drugs change but so could your doctors. If your doctor no longer accepts your plan you will either pay higher costs to continue seeing that doctor or will need to change to a new doctor that accepts your plan.

Medicare Supplement Price Increase...

You should make sure you are paying the lowest price possible for your Medicare Supplement plan. Many people could save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year just by switching to a Plan G or Plan N. Contact us to see if you may qualify.

Extra Benefits...

Are you receiving all the extra benefits you are entitled to? Things like dental benefits, vision benefits, hearing benefits, and free gym memberships?

You May Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period...

If you have recently moved, retired, lost coverage, or entered a nursing home, you may be eligible for a new Medicare Supplement Plan or a new Medicare Advantage plan based on a “qualifying life event” that creates a Special Enrollment Period. Contact us for a free review of your plan; we might be able to find one that better fits your needs.

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What could happen if you don't review your plan every year?

  • One or some of your medications may not be covered.
  • Your company may increase your cost on certain medications.
  • Your doctor could no longer accept your plan, meaning you will pay higher costs or need to change doctors.
  • You may miss out on the benefits you are entitled to.
  • You could miss out on the opportunity to lower your Part B premium.
  • You may only have one chance this year to review your plan.

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